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Surround yourself with people who support your journey. 

This post is long overdue!  Sitting in the drafts folder waiting, apparently, for today.  Which is good because seeing this beauty always makes me happy. She's shown up on the wesbtie before. and in some fb ads . . . got to love how she owns that Red Sox T and cut offs! Today here are some of her favorites with her words. 

 I loved working with S.  She was so warm and funny and thoughtful.  


Doing a boudoir shoot was totally outside her comfort zone, but she suspected that there was something to gain in experiencing it.  And in seeing the portraits afterward. By taking a leap and participating in this experience, she was able to call on this amazing feeling of being outrageously sexy whenever she wants to.

As a powerlifter, S. is very muscular.  She want to show herself that she can deadlift 420 lbs and also be sensual.  Over the last several years, Sue has been embracing more and more of her feminine side.  Wanting to see herself as an attractive woman, to embrace her femininity, to feel sexy & desirable.

This photoshoot is like nothing I have ever done before and challenges me to step up and be seen in a new way.  It means owning who I am and embracing myself as a feminine sexual being. It is more of an internal mindset rather than an external factor.

S. shared with us that she's kept herself small to fit into her family's expectations.  This meant that she was living in her head and ignoring her body, her emotions, and her spirit. The process of discover her true self was scary.  Would she still be loved and accepted by those close to her?  It was exciting and scary to make the decision, and set herself down a path of rapid change.

Be courageously vulnerable and connect with yourself in a new way.

Are you ready to be seen?  I want to hear all about it! 

Ideas You Might Love | Wardrobe Inspiration | Boudoir Becomes Eclectic

This Muse, Ms. S. brought in SO MANY fun things to play with at her studio boudoir session in Boston. And she just really went to town with her accessories. So many necklaces.  So many fun vintage pieces to mix in with her new lingerie. 

When we initially spoke, we chatted about her love to vintage, her tendency to go for layers and a bohemian look.  Her Pinterest board was full of glamorous women from the Ziegfeld girls to Brigitte Bardot to Steve Nicks.  Lots of texture and lots of drama!  I sent her a few items I found on Etsy. She headed into the Modern Glamour favorite brick and mortar lingerie shop 40 Winks to get a few new pieces.  And she even made her own two tiered peakcock feather earrings.  So there is also that.  

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Happy Valentine's Day! Go Give Yourself Some Flowers

My closets and drawers used to be grays and blacks with the occasional hint of red, but with a little mindset expansion color and pattern have crept right in to my sweaters and shirts and even my pants!  The drawers that are still solid (and mostly boring) colors are the drawers.  You know the underthings. 

And as Valentine's Day is tomorrow,  I wanted to share some of my new favorite floral prints.  Just in time for you to maybe buy yourself some flowers that won't wilt, as I slowly restock my own drawers with spring.   

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Modern Glamour Muses & Magic Makers - the FB GROUP is live!

Happy 2018!  And so there is this.



Modern Glamour Muses & Magic Makers


 It’s a private facebook group created specifically for Modern Glamour's past, present and future muses.    A safe space for ideas, inspiration, questions & love. 


  1. This group is a closed, which means that only women in the group can see what is posted, or pictures shared - no one else.  Privacy. We like it. 
  2. This is where things get shared first - the session sneak peaks, live videos and the special happenings are shared in the group first.
  3. Booking sessions are shared in the VIP group first, which means you have first access.
  4. You can chat personal experience, connect with other MG muses for inspiration and advice.
  5. Last minute openings are shared with the MG Muses & Magic Makers only- so you can get (back) in the studio on a whim!