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Modern Glamour Muses & Magic Makers


 It’s a private facebook group created specifically for Modern Glamour's past, present and future muses.    A safe space for ideas, inspiration, questions & love. 


  1. This group is a closed, which means that only women in the group can see what is posted, or pictures shared - no one else.  Privacy. We like it. 
  2. This is where things get shared first - the session sneak peaks, live videos and the special happenings are shared in the group first.
  3. Booking sessions are shared in the VIP group first, which means you have first access.
  4. You can chat personal experience, connect with other MG muses for inspiration and advice.
  5. Last minute openings are shared with the MG Muses & Magic Makers only- so you can get (back) in the studio on a whim!  




Tips For Styling Your Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Your wedding is likely a reflection and celebration of you as a couple.  A bridal boudoir shoot can reflect and celebrate you as an individual.  Once you decide to take the plunge and book your bridal boudoir session, the next step is figuring out what to bring.  Boudoir isn’t about skin.  It’s about you. Whether you are leaning toward casual and cozy or sensual and seductive - here are 4 tips for what to wear at your bridal boudoir shoot.

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FALL/WINTER Lingerie Ideas



The Fashion season are rarely if ever in sync with the actual weather we are experiencing. And though it's technically fall in Boston, the weather today still evoking the heat of a mid-August day.  We are starting to book boudoir shoots for the fall and winter - and the wardrobe and styling options will change with the season. 




And it doesn't always have to be lingerie.  I'll photograph you in whatever you bring in.  I want you to feel comfortable and that just might not be in traditional lace or silk underthings.  And that's totally okay.  Below are four things to think about when you are planning your fall or winter boudoir shoot.  Neckline, Length, Layering and Color. 


Yokes, cutouts, panels.  All good options for highlighting necklines, drawing the eye up to your face and giving visual interest.  

Tatu Couture Claire Sheer Bodysuit

Tatu Couture Claire Sheer Bodysuit

Mimi Holliday Orchid Twist Bodysuit 

Mimi Holliday Orchid Twist Bodysuit 

VS Crushed Velvet Plunge Bodysuit in Black

VS Crushed Velvet Plunge Bodysuit in Black


A long length is elegant, modest (sometimes) and is perfectly suited to colder autumn and winter weather

AMORALLE Charlotte Nightdress

AMORALLE Charlotte Nightdress

Bluebella Imogen Long Chemise in Black

Bluebella Imogen Long Chemise in Black


Layering and draping create beautiful color and texture combinations. It won't actually be cold in the room while you have your boudoir portraits done.  Adding layers is a great way to create interesting textures and variety as you can take layers off as you feel more comfortable. 

Seta Bandina Macramé Long Sleeve Top in Champagne

Seta Bandina Macramé Long Sleeve Top in Champagne

Eberjey Giselle Pj Set in Rouge

Eberjey Giselle Pj Set in Rouge

Eberjey Ila Robe in Heather Grey

Eberjey Ila Robe in Heather Grey

Ginia Pintuck Silk Chemise in Black

Ginia Pintuck Silk Chemise in Black


Let's swap out the bright primary red this holiday are go for the beautiful, and more flattering, wine tones.  Rich and warm red over a bright true red. Navy or grey over black.  Or a shimmering warm gold.  

VS Shine Lace High Neck Teddy in Powdered Blush

VS Shine Lace High Neck Teddy in Powdered Blush

VS Lace & Mesh Plunge Teddy

VS Lace & Mesh Plunge Teddy

Jane Woolrich Chemise in Copper

Jane Woolrich Chemise in Copper

Remembrance | Grandmother

About six weeks short of 100 years old, my grandmother passed away peacefully.  I wrote about her on her 99th birthday last fall as she was glamorous at any age

I've been spending some time this evening carefully turning over memories of her.  I wanted to share her beautiful bridal portrait.  She always loved calla lillies and I adore her enormous and simple wedding bouquet. 


The formal portrait of the bride and groom - They were married at the Gore Estate in Waltham, and though the spiral staircase behind them is on a painted backdrop it does look like the spiral staircase at Gore.  Perhaps it was even painted for the purpose for the Waltham photography studio.  

Modern Glamour Boudoir | Lingerie Lessons

You may be wearing very little, but choosing what you wear is important.  Looking your best helps you feel comfortable (and confident) in front of the camera.  Proper fit and support are critical.

Lingerie is way more than bras and panties.  Checkout our suggestions below to see all the things you could bring with you to your boudoir portrait session.   Get the most out of your Boston boudoir photography session.  Choose wardrobe that flatters and highlights your best features.

 Enjoy your self. 

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Making Up Wardrobe As We Go

When I had my senior portraits taken for the yearbook, I’m not even sure what I brought in for clothing.  What I do remember was the the photographer humored me, the novice portraitist, in explaining all the lenses and filters (this was in the heavy handed era of cokin soft focus and diffusion).  The last set of images he took, he draped a blue piece of fabric around my shoulders and I tucked the shoulders of my t-shirt out of sight.  With the in camera crop, suddenly I was ‘wearing’ an off the shoulder gown!  No matter than outside of frame I was in my regular clothes and had a giant piece of fabric clipped around my back.  It worked. And looking back at it now, it created a lovely neckline for a my portrait.

Wardrobe, what to wear to your glamour or boudoir session, is nearly always a concern when I talk with clients before their shoots.  I have a few things in the studio that can be paired with what you bring in - but the most versatile things aren’t exactly clothing - they are pieces of fabric.

Ivory crepe de chine - I bought this piece of fabric at the terribly missed Winmill Fabrics that used to be in Chinatown.  I love the way this fabric looks draped on a body.  

white sheet session boston boudoir pics

Black muslin - this is unreflective fabric and it’s inexpensive. It’s great for hiding a chair or raping over the couch if I want just the body to emerge from shadows.

diy wardrobe black spandex boston glamour photographer

Black spandex - I created two long back spandex pieces, with the help of my neighbor and friend painter Kelly Kerrigan and her serger. I can use these pieces to create a variety of “dresses.”


Black lace - Lace is nearly always a crowd pleaser.  Here I’ve created what looks like a bodysuit out of a piece of lace and a belt.

boston glamour portraits

Tulle - I love tulle for bridal boudoir.  Sometimes clients come with their own veils, but if they don’t I have yards and yards of tulle that can be used to envelope the body.  

bostonmaternity boudoir photography

When a client shows up to with a small bag and a few pairs of undies, I reach for the fabric.  While I have some clothes (body suits, silk slips, robes), we can fashion what looks like more from the fabric, some clips and a little imagination.  Many DIY solutions come out of problem solving in the moment.  

I also use fabric, especially upholstery fabric, as backdrops.  The thick upholstery fabric hangs well and doesn’t need as much steaming as other types I have worked with.


boston boudoir pictures pearls




And then of course, there are pearls! 

Changing Light / Changing Mood - Boston Studio Boudoir

Changing Light Changing Mood

Boudoir photography is so much about lighting.  We want to create an alluring and beautiful boudoir image -we need alluring and beautiful light. And ideally over the course of a boudoir portrait session we want to vary the light as much as possible.  Glamour portraits typically have a soft even light - it’s flattering for everyone skin. In boudoir portrait photography we can play around even more with directional light - to create moody and evocative images.  In our studio session as Modern Glamour I like to play with different ways of lighting to create a variety of images.  

Here are some examples from Ariel’s session of how I use reflectors or V Flats to harness the beautiful natural light we get in the studio.  My current studio space is on the top floor and faces northwest.  We get indirect sunlight through most of the day.  In the late afternoon we get direct light streaming in, but I prefer the soft indirect light that we have in the mid morning.

before and after boston natural light boudoir photography studio
sensual red lip in contrast with casual denim shirt boudoir photography boston

Natural Light Boudoir Studio in Boston

Getting 4x8 V Flats home.  This comes up fairly often on the photography boards.  I drive a very small car, nothing that could handle a 48x96” piece of foam care.  The first time I purchased a set of them, I rented a van an drive there and back.  I should have bought a few more, as the cost of renting the van was more than the cost of the boards themselves.  The second time I borrowed a friend’s truck.  And this time I got many more than I thought I needed.  Guess what?  I don’t regret having extra.  I do use them.  

using window light to create a soft flattering portrait
backlit portrait boudoir with bounce foam core fill
romantic boudoir soft window light boston photographer

An unexpected bonus is that these huge reflectors, which I bought for bouncing light end up creating a sense of smaller rooms within the studio.  An enclosed space makes people feel more comfortable.  I started to notice that clients were getting comfortable faster, having a sense of security.  I could see this change in their expressions and in their posture.  

black and white boudoir fine art nude boston natural light


Window light is beautiful and flattering.  You need a window, some white and black foam core and practice looking at light as it hits a face and a figure.  It's been so much fun to figure out all the different looks I can create from a wall of windows and the DIY foam core reflectors.

Outdoor Boudoir Photography Ideas

After what I am referring to as the Lost Spring (in regards to the 'soggy bunker' of the 4th trimester and the perpetual raincloud that enveloped New England this year), I am fully ready to embrace summer time.  And it announced itself loud and clear this past week as temperatures rose into the 90s. Even the porch shade is hot. Hot. HOT. 

And now that it's delightful outside again, and knowing that this will not last i started thinking about outdoor boudoir photography.  It’s daring and intentionally vulnerable.  The juxtaposition and contrast in textures is arresting visually, but the real force in these images is the open context and ambiguous story inherent in them.  

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