A step by step to what happens before, during and after your modern glamour session


Here’s how to get ready for your Modern Glamour portrait session. It’s okay to be nervous.  It’s totally normal to have some anxiety when you step out of your usual routine and stretch into something new.  That’s growth, beautiful!


Moved by a desire to help women channel their inner spirit and see both their outer beauty, I have built my business helping women truly celebrate their own unique beauty.  Each modern glamour portrait session is unique.  It’s our collaboration: a celebration of your spirit, of your beauty, of your self.






It’s not what other people say.  It’s how you feel.  And here’s the truth about feeling beautiful - there’s no one size fits all tutorial or prescription on how to be beautiful.


That’s part of the challenge and fun of creating the Modern Glamour portrait.  We are each individually and outrageously sexy women.   You have your own unique thing going on. A specific thing that you dig.  And your partner digs too.  Modern Glamour is your chance to embrace what makes you amazing.

Does thinking about doing a session freak you out? Think you can’t muster up the courage? I dare you!  You can start dreaming about it now. 




Is your Modern Glamour session a classic glamour session (beautiful but not too revealing), a personal branding session (images to be used for your career) or a boudoir session (a flirty see-what-happens session)? 

Once you book your Modern Glamour session, I'll send a questionnaire to learn more about you - and point you to our pinterest inspiration boards.  Your honest and brave answers to these questions help us create the vision you’re going for!  Do you have a specific archetype in mind?  You can create your own inspiration/mood board and share it with me! We can use those boards as a launching point for our session together.

And I’ll send your welcome packet. In the welcome packet, you’ll get all the information and tips for preparing for your portrait session.  Things like, “drink loads of water, get a good night’s sleep, exfoliate and moisturize.”



When you arrive at the studio, one of the first things we’ll do after introducing ourselves is to begin laying out your outfit options and settling into the makeup chair.  The makeup stylist will work her magic and you will be able to approve the look before we start shooting.

We’ll help you with choosing looks based on what you bring in and what we have in the studio.  We start with the outfit in which you feel most comfortable.  We want to make sure you are absolutely feeling good the entire time. The important thing to know is that you will enjoy this!


Don’t worrying about posing or facial expressions! We’ll take it step by step, little by little - until you are relaxed and channeling your true self.  I’ll coach you through it in a fun and easy way.  That’s my job - to make you feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.

As you get comfortable and into your groove, we will move through different wardrobe options and looks.  We use soft, beautiful lighting to show you at your best, and finish images with light retouching. There's nothing to worry about, I've got you covered!



Our Modern Glamour sessions are shot with digital SLR.  One of the wonders of digital is that we are able to shoot a lot and edit quickly.  Everything is shot in color, though we can easily make any image black and white.  While I get it 95% in camera, making the right lens, lighting, posing and composition choices all come into play.

 Before anything is printed, all images are very lightly retouched. Rest easy. We want you to still look like you.  No heavy-handed plasticky skin.  I simply remove any unwanted blemishes or scars - leaving you looking like you!

At your ordering session, we start with a slideshow of your portraits.  Enjoy the anticipation and thrill!  Just sit back and enjoy them. Once you've reviewed them all in the slideshow, we’ll go back through one by one and you can choose your absolute favorites.  

We are there to help you narrow them down to your favorites, and help you choose which images will be best in an album and which images will work on their own.  Once you’ve selected your top choices, we’ll figure out what will go into an album or if you’d rather a presentation box or a folio.  You can choose the color of the album or box, and size of any prints you want to order.  There’s no obligation to purchase anything.  You only buy what you love.



Do you want to channel your inner spirit and see your outer beauty?  Ready for your collaborative and custom Modern Glamour session?

Call me at 617-942-1449 to chat about your ideas for your modern glamour boudoir portraits.

Modern Glamour is Boston's boutique modern glamour & boudoir portrait studio run by artist and photographer Allana Taranto.  I help women channel their inner spirit, see their outer beauty and revel in their own magic.


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