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It’s my job to bring out the best in my muse (that would be you!).  It’s my job to make you comfortable.  It’s my job to photograph you in the best and more beautiful ways.  I know what beauty looks like in it’s many forms and I capture it.  I do not expect you to know how to move and pose in front of the camera when you walk into the studio.  I will shape you and adjust your posing from your head down to your fingertips.  

Before your session we will have already gone over what parts of your body you love and want to reveal - and what parts, if any, that we’ll downplay.  Every body is different, and using Lighting, lens selection, composition and flattering posing - you’ll be showing off your body at its best


Naturally standing doesn’t make for the most beautiful images - but small adjustments and slight movements can make huge difference in creating beautiful boudoir and glamour images.  I’ll talk you through, and mirror what I want you to do, the slight adjustments until we nail the pose.  These little modifications to a basic pose create beautiful lines that come together into a gorgeous portrait of you.

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It’s totally normal to pull your body inwards when you’re feeling nervous or anxious at a photo session. In order to look, and then eventually feel, confident -   You’ll use your core muscles, creating a length in your frame.  Making sure your head and shoulders don’t collapse into your chest.

Authentic moments are beautiful moments. I give directions, not put you in static poses.  Something to keep in mind: What photographs as natural, may not feel totally natural. Small adjustment to hand or arm placement, like leaning in toward the camera and keeping your chin down

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Lighting and posing, lens selection and thoughtful composition all come into play when making a photograph, and they are especially important in boudoir and glamour photography.

  • Lighting variety
  • Flattering posing to show off your body at its best
  • Lens selection
  • Composition


Start with practicing. Here are some things to work on, if you want to, before your Modern Glamour session.  Don’t want to practice?  These are the things I’ll be coaching you through during our portrait session.

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  • Head:  Elongating your neck and keeping your chin just a touch down will make your eyes bigger and give you a beautiful jawline. 
  • Hands: Keep fingers gentle; joints of your fingers should be slightly bent, fingertips just resting lightly on your body.
  • Arms and legs: Keeping a little distance between our arms and your torso creates interesting negative space and slims down the body.
  • Body length: those core muscles again!  Posture comes into play. Create length from the crown of your head through your torso. Imagine pulling up towards the ceiling with each vertebrae. 
  • Toes: pointing the feet, without clenching the toes, elongates the line of your legs
  • Shoulders: a little forward rotation in the should works your clavicle making a little décolletage. Keep your shoulders low, away from your ears, so your neck is long and relaxed
  • What else can you do with your hands? Play with a necklace, your collar, the hem of your dress, run your fingertips along your body


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Get in the right mindset. Feeling comfortable is the right place to start.  Think good, happy, blissful thoughts. We'll put on music you love and get started. 

  • Eyes: You can look at the light source (window or soft box), look down at your own body line, you can close your eyes or you can look right at the camera.  We'll rotate through these four options.
  • Mouth: We want to get rid of any tight muscles - those read as uncomfortable and nervous.  Relax the muscles in your face. Relax your mouth. Make sure you aren't clenching your jaw. Lips just parted can ease into a slight smile - that looks relaxed and beautiful on camera. 

Laughing and smiling is always easy and results in some of my and my client's’ favorite images.  Levity can be sexy!  We’ll alternate between big smiles and small ones.  

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Don’t force it. Confidence is key.

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Modern Glamour is a boutique modern glamour & boudoir photography studio run by artist and photographer Allana Taranto.  Every modern glamour session is a collaboration.  Let's connect to make your dream shoot happen!

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