I just wanted to write a quick heartfelt THANK YOU for your time and efforts into making me feel and look like a modern goddess. Your artistry speaks so elegantly of your soul and though I barely have a thimble of any whimsical abilities, for the entirety of the shoot, I felt like I stepped into a new lens and refocused on a different perspective of everything around me.


Meet Jesse.  She came to the studio with an incredible energy, treats for me and for our stylist Maxxia. And special liver treats for Sadie.  This woman knows how to make an impression.  :) 

Jesse says that the past year has been full of surprises - mostly the good kind.  A single parent to a 3 year old son, she decided last year to leave her super corporate career behind.  She trusted her gut, and says it was turned out to be an amazing decision.   She's committed to her own health, by getting back into competitive volleyball and starting practicing yoga.  Building her new life on a strong foundation, she is looking ahead to this year.  Ready to commit to herself, and also to this Modern Glamor portrait session.  

Our Modern Glamour portrait sessions are customized to highlight the parts of you that you love.  Jesse embraces her height in her favorite shift dresses.  


A little behind the scenes from the portraits that were printed for Jesse's Museum Box collection.  She chose 12 of her favorite images from each of the looks she brought in.  The prints were matted and nestled into a gorgeous red silk box. 

Here's to Jesse! Celebrating her life, feeling stronger and happier with each day.  

Modern Glamour is the women’s portrait division of Ars Magna Studio run by artist and photographer Allana Taranto.  I view each shoot as a collaboration, and value connecting with my clients to work together to make their dream glamour portraits happen.

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all images © Modern Glamour/Ars Magna Studio 2017