boston boudoir modest white lace

Today's muse brought it (all of it) to her shoot! Check out the dramatic changes with just a switch of lip color. From a soft and beautiful pink to a bold purple to a bright sensual red - the energy and mood of the images changed.  This is a great example of a modest boudoir/glamour session.  


Like this muse, you can keep it modest.  Creating a suite of beautiful and sensual images isn't about showing skin.  It's about playing with textures, with color, with dramatic necklines, statement jewelry or (flower) headpieces. 

I love my work as a boudoir and glamour portrait photographer because I want women see the inner spirit and outer beauty that the rest of us can.  Every modern glamour portrait session is unique. Why? Because it’s a celebration of your spirit, of your beauty, of your self.  Celebrate your own authenticity!  It’s magic!

boston boudoir modest glamour

I love these modest glamour portraits.  By pairing a short lace skirt with a black turtleneck, we let these images be all about her legs and her face.  See ladies, it's not all about underwear!  

boston boudoir modest legs
white lace flower headpiece boudoir boston

Switching up the black for a white lace top and a tulle skirt.  I added the silk flower headpiece.  

boston boudoir flirty lace

And now the purple lipstick, in which we went for a darker, and moodier look.  Black bedsheets and all. 

boston boudoir black sheet purple lip
sensual boston boudoir black and white

Again, very little skin is showing.  Boudoir photography should be about evoking something, not simply showing it.  

boston boudoir black gold purple lip
modest boudoir boston
red lip clavicle tattoo boston boudoir

We ended with a strong red lip, and a plunging neckline.  With those bold choices, I pulled her hair back to really show off her beautiful cheekbones.  

Modern Glamour, the women’s portrait division of Ars Magna Studio, is run by artist and photographer Allana Taranto.  I view each shoot as a collaboration, and value connecting with my clients to work together to make their dream glamour portraits happen.

Call me at 617-942-1449 to chat about ideas for your modern glamour portraits.

Boston boudoir glamour photographer


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