Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper.  Which made me initially think of a stack of printer paper.  No that exciting or fun.  How can we give something personal, meaningful? Something full of love and trust and fun?  And made of paper?

For this first of many milestones, a series of prints on paper or an album makes a great gift idea for a paper anniversary.  The big anniversaries, 25 and 50, silver and gold respectively have their origins in the Holy Roman Empire (though I imagine not many people made it to the their 50th given the life expectancies of that era).  

Traditional gift for first wedding anniversary is paper.  The modern gift for first wedding anniversary is a clock.  Even though I’m a fairly modern women, paper in portrait prints, albums or whatever form seems to more interesting.  The big anniversaries, 25 and 50, silver and gold respectively have their origins in the Holy Roman Empire (though I imagine not many people made it to the their 50th given the life expectancies of that era).  

Paper, initially, sounds boring.  But a quick search on Pinterest yielded awesome crafted ideas for paper anniversary gifts (, and most of them point of lovely hand crafted things on etsy.  Paper, as it turns out, is actually a pretty cool and surprisingly versatile medium for many gifts.

If, however, a boudoir session is on your bucket list, think paper prints. Paper prints which can be made into albums.  


 boudoir inspiration husband tie

On the occasion of her first anniversary, this beautiful muse and mother of a five month old, wanted to do a boudoir session and give her husband of one year an album full of images.  In the image above, she's using her husband's wedding tie as the tiny piece of material covering her. 

 boudoir couch

Love this dark red lace set from VS - keyhole high neck bra and matching panty. 

 paper anniversary gift for husband

The body waves that the stylist put in her blonde hair made a gorgeous contrast to the black thigh highs and chemise and garter set. 

 boudoir fishnet bodysuit

For the final look, the muse had a fishnet body stocking with an open back.  Love these!  


If you wanted to do a boudoir session before your wedding as a wedding gift, but didn’t get a chance to do it - consider doing one as a paper anniversary gift for your first anniversary.  Make it even more special by adding your own personalized love letters to your portraits!  Take this moment to use your words and tell your spouse how much they mean to you.  We can leave some blank pages in the album, or you can add sheets of vellum with your own words between your album pages.

As a Boston boudoir photographer, I photographed many boudoir portrait sessions in Boston and collaborated with my clients to create beautiful, sensual and tasteful boudoir images.

Curious about booking a shoot? Email me now for more ideas about bridal boudoir photography in Boston or click the button below. 

Black and White Bridal Boudoir


Some of my favs from a recent boston boudoir session for a bride.  For the ones I can share, I processed them all with a moody black and white, with a healthy does of grain for added atmosphere.  Of course, I did capture images of her gorgeous face, but the ones I'm sharing today show little moments from the session that were evocative and sensual and a little mysterious.  

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Boston Glamour Portrait | A Heart for Adventure


This stunner!  A joy to have grace the studio, she brought in so many beautiful glamour wardrobe options and two amazing friends who championed her throughout the shoot.  They would have been equally amazing in front of the camera, but were feeling too shy the day that they came into the studio.  

Love her soft pink eyeshadow with the big bold lashes. 

A simple jean jacket and sparkly earrings make a casually elegant pairing. 

Modern Glamour is the women’s portrait division of Ars Magna Studio run by artist and photographer Allana Taranto.  I view each shoot as a collaboration, and value connecting with my clients to work together to make their dream glamour portraits happen.

Call me at 617-942-1449 to chat about ideas for your modern glamour portraits.

Modern Portraits | Soprano Caroline Maria

My approach to Professional Headshots and Personal Branding portraits begins with Discovery.  In a series of questions that my friend and colleague Benjamin Spear of Human Experience helped me create, we dive into what you do and how you feel about it.  These answers help me learn more about you before you come into the studio and builds a framework around which the stylist and I design a custom portrait session.  The more honest and thorough you are with your answers, to better we can craft the right portrait to help you in your own work.  

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Less is More! The Modern Glamour philosophy on retouching

I don’t rely on retouching for your Boston Boudoir or Modern Glamour portraits.  In my toolkit are knowledge of flattering lighting, beautiful and natural poses, professional hair and makeup styling and an comfortable environment.  This means I am doing as little as possible in post production.  Photoshop is used sparingly - to make sure that you shine and sparkle. Or smolder. Retouching shouldn’t be noticeable.  What should be visible and vibrant in your portraits is you.

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Trying to figure out if you want to do a boudoir photography session or a glamour portrait session?  Not sure which is which?  The dividing line between glamour and boudoir is indeed subjective.  The terms glamour and boudoir both imply a specific things, but I want to use this post to explain how I see and interpret the difference.

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How To Get Your Body Ready For Your Modern Glamour Boudoir Portrait Session


Modern Glamour Boudoir is the chance to treat yourself and truly indulge an amazing experience.  Lisette is one on my favorite ladies, and stylists of all time helped create this guide that will get your ready for your Modern Glamour shoot.  Here is how to get your body ready for your boudoir session by playing up the indulgence sensual skin, polished hand and feet, a beautiful smile and beautiful tresses.

Modern Glamour is celebration of you.  You can be bold, modest, sensual, funny, empowered, limitless, joyful, and always you.  You don’t need to diet or work out.  You need to fully inhabit your body with love.  These five steps will help you get there.  



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Bite Lip Lab NYC | My Experience with Custom Color

I ply my trade in luxury.  Custom portrait sessions are a luxury.  Modern Glamour is a luxury.  Commissioning a photographer document your life is a luxury.  And custom-created lipstick - definitely a luxury.  A luxury and also a dazzle color splash that will be making my summer brighter and, obviously, more fun.

 While I was in NY on a family wedding long weekend, my friend Katherine asked if I would be interested in getting a custom shade of lipstick made.  What's this now?  A custom created lipstick?  From one of my favorite lipstick brands - Bite?  Yes, please. Sign me up!

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