They are so much more amazing than I could have imagined. I look fierce and happy. And now i’m crying- thanks hormones!

       Looking glorious at their winter wedding at the Hampshire House in Boston. 
      Looking glorious at their winter wedding at the Hampshire House in Boston. 

      I’ve photographed this beautiful woman on her wedding day (an unforgettable winter afternoon at the Hampshire House in downtown Boston) and then again last year in the arboretum on one of those most perfect fall days where the light is epically glowing and the air is still a little bit summery but the leaves have already begun to change.  She brings joy and laughter with her to every session, so when she inquired about doing a boudoir shoot at the beginning of her third trimester – I knew it would be special. 

      She and her partner are very excited to welcome their first child. Even though their dog, Winston,  may consider himself the first born.  

      I invited her to bring in any of the maternity clothing she liked and felt comfortable in.  Empire waist dresses work very well to show the change in your body.   We began with the dresses (and cowboy boots, of course) to get the “work sharable” images.  The pink and navy patterned dress was the dress she wore for her baby shower. 

      Later we moved into more revealing wardrobe options. 

      In a simple black bra and underwear set, and using a shirt of her parter – we captured the change in her body, turning her torso towards the window light so the full volume of the belly was revealed. 

      We have a dog friendly studio over here, and Winston joined the party.  This is on of my favorite images from our portrait session – he has no idea what he’s in for.  Life will be changing.  And soon.  

      Towards the end of our maternity boudoir session, we changed into a soft pink robe to show a softer side.  

      Here she is, looking beautiful and fierce and channeling all the mother goddess energy.  I love that she wanted her glasses in most of the images (after all that’s what she looks like most of the time).  I’m honored to be invited back into the lives of my former wedding clients, to document their lives as they continue to shift, build and change.  I’m looking forward to the fall, when their baby boy will arrive to a joyful family ready to receive him in their love.  



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