Expressing Gratitude Toward Your Body

      A recent client stated in her pre-shoot boudoir questionnaire:

      I am a mother first! I have 2 beautiful children, both difficult pregnancies and 1 emergency c-section. Each stretch mark each scar signifies my motherhood.

      I’m thrilled when boudoir clients approach their portrait session with acknowledgement and gratitude for their own bodies.

      My postpartum belly is like a soft little dumpling.  And I love it.  

      Two weeks after having my son, I am yet processing and in awe what the body can do.  The birth experience was so focused and amazing- I have a hard time putting it into words, though I might and should at some point try (if only to put in his birth book).  The idea that my breasts are now the source of food for my child – and how perfectly he fits into my arms to nurse.  I’m grateful that for the most part we had an uneventful pregnancy and delivery.  And that our downstairs neighbors are already parents, who recognized that I was laboring at home at 2am and send us a gift instead of a complaint.

      Turning Something Ordinary in Something Special

      A friend of mine, photographer Amanda Fisher, send me a link to this wonderful video:

      Watch this. Please. And get back to me on your thoughts.

      Angela Lansbury (yes! that Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote and childhood fav of mine Bedknobs and Broomsticks)

       boudoir studio boston photographer shower

      Taking a shower, indulging in a few moments alone – taking an ordinary moments in my day to indulge in acknowledging the power and the beauty in my own body.  Not just childbirth, of course.  But the back and shoulders that support the weight of my cameras and help me do my job, my legs that I stand on to propel me through my day.  What I have, I want to acknowledge and love.  

      I encourage you to do the same.  Our relationships with our bodies change throughout our lifetime.  And it should be a deepening and loving and accepting one.  




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