Changing Light Changing Mood

      Boudoir photography is so much about lighting.  We want to create an alluring and beautiful boudoir image -we need alluring and beautiful light. And ideally over the course of a boudoir portrait session we want to vary the light as much as possible.  Glamour portraits typically have a soft even light – it’s flattering for everyone skin. In boudoir portrait photography we can play around even more with directional light – to create moody and evocative images.  In our studio session as Modern Glamour I like to play with different ways of lighting to create a variety of images.  

      Here are some examples from Ariel’s session of how I use reflectors or V Flats to harness the beautiful natural light we get in the studio.  My current studio space is on the top floor and faces northwest.  We get indirect sunlight through most of the day.  In the late afternoon we get direct light streaming in, but I prefer the soft indirect light that we have in the mid morning.

       before and after boston natural light boudoir photography studio

       sensual red lip in contrast with casual denim shirt boudoir photography boston

      Natural Light Boudoir Studio in Boston

      Getting 4×8 V Flats home.  This comes up fairly often on the photography boards.  I drive a very small car, nothing that could handle a 48×96” piece of foam care.  The first time I purchased a set of them, I rented a van an drive there and back.  I should have bought a few more, as the cost of renting the van was more than the cost of the boards themselves.  The second time I borrowed a friend’s truck.  And this time I got many more than I thought I needed.  Guess what?  I don’t regret having extra.  I do use them.  

       using window light to create a soft flattering portrait

       backlit portrait boudoir with bounce foam core fill

       romantic boudoir soft window light boston photographer

      An unexpected bonus is that these huge reflectors, which I bought for bouncing light end up creating a sense of smaller rooms within the studio.  An enclosed space makes people feel more comfortable.  I started to notice that clients were getting comfortable faster, having a sense of security.  I could see this change in their expressions and in their posture.  

       black and white boudoir fine art nude boston natural light


      Window light is beautiful and flattering.  You need a window, some white and black foam core and practice looking at light as it hits a face and a figure.  It’s been so much fun to figure out all the different looks I can create from a wall of windows and the DIY foam core reflectors.



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